St. Vincent de Paul Parish Scripture Study

Wildwood, Florida, USA

Our Bible Study will begin its annual Summer vacation at the end of May.

We will, however, have a summer course -- dates and times to be announced

New Documents:​

Study Guide: Numbers (2)

Study Guides​​

These study guides are intended to provide  participants with background information on the verious books of the Bible. They are not in-depth commentaries, but offer only an overview. The contents reflect my views which may conflict with the views of many scriptural scholars. I strive, however, always to adhere to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.

​I will add new study guides as I complete them. With luck I'll stay a few weeks ahead of what we're covering in the sessions. - Deacon Dana

Several new study guides are currently works in progress. I will publish them on the site as soon as they're ready. Thanks for your patience. Life is busy.

Summer and Other Courses

In recent years, during the summer when many of our particpants head north, we have offered brief courses on various aspects of Sacred Scripture. These have been very well received, and we hope to continue offering them.​​

I have provided all the material for these courses below. Most documents are in PDF format; however, each course also included one or more PowerPoint presentations. In most instances I have included these as well. If you do not have PowerPoint, just view the PDF version of the presentation.

2019 Mini-Course 
Introduction to the Mass

2018 Summer Course
Biblical Typology

The 2018 summer course on Biblical Typology consisted of four evening sessions. I have included the four PowerPoint presentations in both PowerPoint and PDF formats. If you don't have PowerPoint, use the PDF format. All other documents -- course handout material -- are in PDF format.

Session 1: Presentation- PDF Format

2016 Summer Course
Introduction to the Old Testament